Cao Thai is one of the most famous singers in Vietnam and is known all over the world for his song "Mexico". Because he particularly prefers public performance than recording studios, most of us have trouble finding his CDs in the music stores.

He has travelled to many corners of the world and has spent most of his time performing for the public. He has never been interested in earning money with his music.

His activities have been numerous but mostly social. In 1979, he decided to devote his heart and voice to the refugees living in different camps in Thailand, Malaysia, and HongKong.

It was a great human discovering experience that he will never forget. Many pictures of his visits to these camps were scanned and put on this page (exclusive photos!!!).

Recently, Cao Thai was invited to the French and European wide TV to share his voice and his natural gift of calculating dates faster than a computer!

He has performed throughout Europe and different continents without losing his French charm and his warm voice that is uniquely among Vietnamese singers.

* Pictures in the refugees camps

  1. Pulau Bidong, Songkha, Lemsing, Chonburi

  2. Sikew (Thailand)

  3. HongKong (forbidden camp)

* Cao Thai around the World

  1. Public Performance

  2. Greatest Moments

  3. Friends

* Cao Thai's Rendez-Vous of the Century

  1. Rendez-vous (VPS fonts)

  2. Rendez-vous (VIQR)

* Interested by Cao Tha'i 's performance ?

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Cao Thai's Favorite Songs
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